Learning Enhancement Unit

La unidad Learning Enhancement Unit nace para dar servicio a niños y adolescentes cuyo primer idioma no es el español o están escolarizados en colegios bilingües o multilingües.
LEU’s Place in NeuroPed

Unit within NeuroPed offering services to bilingual and multilingual patients in English and Spanish.

Lerning Enhancement Unit (LEU) is an unit within NeuroPed offering services to bilingual and multilingual patients in English and Spanish. Our mission is to help neurodevelopmentally diverse children and adolescents reach their maximum potential in school and in life by providing evidence based interventions, effective for bilingual students and to offer support to their families and to other professionals working with them. Our values include evidence-based interventions, individualised treatment plans, updated information on research break-throughs, multidisciplinary approach and team work.

We are a highly specialised in bilingualism and multilingualism team which offer assessment and intervention for bilingual and multilingual individuals based on standarized assessment tools and evidence-based interventions.

LEU’s TEAM | Areas of intervention

LEU services include:

  • Neuropsychology: Assessment and intervention in Specific Learning Dificulties, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Behavioural Disorders, Mood and Emotional Disorders and Social Disorders.
  • Speech and language therapy: Assessment and intervention in Speech and language delays/disorders, Written Language Disorders, Communication Disorders and Fluency Disorders.
  • Ocupational Therapy: Assessment and intervention in classroom positioning, handling classroom materials, functional written communication, school tasks and routines, life skills.
  • Physiotherapy: Assessment and intervention in developmental motor delays, movement/mobility problems that impact recreational, play, and leisure activities, posture control, musculoskeletal problems tory problems affecting language development.

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